Are there different qualities of essential oils?

Essential oils

The quality of an essential oil is determined throughout the manufacturing chain.

In the long term, it is imperative that the products obtained be flawless and safe to use. Efficiency is at this price.

Organic essential oils (+ info here) can be used in small volumes (by drops), but they have a powerful effect. This means that using a high quality essential oil is risky.

As part of their research, the scientists have succeeded in defining a series of criteria that make it possible to define the quality of an essential oil.

Quality criteria for an essential oil

The plant must be identified extremely precisely to avoid confusion. Indeed, for the same species, there may be varieties with very different properties. It is therefore necessary to ensure that the possibility of errors is excluded.

The place of origin of the plant must be known because it finally provides information on the biochemical composition used.

The cultivation method makes it possible to identify organic or non-organic products. The determination of the state of development of the plant can be important, as can the part used (root, leaves, seeds, flowers, bark, …)

The extraction method may be distillation, hydro-distillation, percolation or expression.

Finally, after analysis, the fundamental molecules are clearly demonstrated.

The manufacture of a quality essential oil must meet the requirements of the criteria listed above.

The consequences of non-compliance with quality criteria

The manufacture of essential plant oils is a delicate operation, which requires numerous controls throughout the production process. If the controls are not done, we obtain a product with both hazardous and approximate virtues. There is no longer the scientific rigour that is decisive for the effectiveness that one would expect.

When it comes to essential oils, it is not wise to be satisfied with lower quality.

Essential oils are of good quality, they can be used normally. If optimal quality is not demonstrated, it is better not to take the risk of using products that could prove harmful.

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